Whole House Treatment System, Model VZN-521H

Whole House Treatment System, Model VZN-521H


Priced for USA Only

Filtered water is a necessity in today’s world of questionable water quality.  Bottled water is expensive, inconvenient, and environmentally unfriendly.  Plus, it also doesn’t address the many household uses for water, such as cleaning, sanitizing, food preparation, and personal hygiene.  Bottled water can’t be relied on for all of your household needs.  Instead, rely on Antunes Water to pro­vide better-tasting, filtered water throughout the entire house with just a single system.  With the VZN system from Antunes Water, high-quality water can be found in every faucet in your home, allowing you to truly experience all of its benefits.


  • High-quality ultrafiltered water throughout your home
  • Healthy, clean drinking water at every faucet
  • No need for costly bottled water
  • Dishes and clothes cleaned with ultrafiltered water
  • Shower and bathe in gentle, pristine water
  • Reduce costly maintenance issues on your appliances
  • Ingredient-quality water for all food preparation

The VZN system features ultrafiltration technology to remove particles as small as .015 microns (3,000x smaller than a human hair) and a high capacity carbon cartridge to provide healthy drinking water throughout your home.

The VZN system’s mechanical ultrafilter is self-cleaning, ensuring consistent water pressure and low maintenance.  The unique design maximizes the performance of the carbon cartridge;  optimizing chlorine reduction to provide better tasting water to all faucets in the house.  The VZN has a built in self-cleaning technology that makes it a durable and sustainable product and is tested and certified by NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) for turbidity, cyst, and particulate class one reduction.   

At up to 8 gallons per minute flow rate capacity, this is an ideal system for single-family homes of 2 or fewer people. 

The carbon filter, C-520, is recommended to be replaced annually with part number 7010000. 

The ultrafilter, L520, is recommended to be replaced once every three years with part number 7010003.