Water filtration systems have become some of the most sought-after home improvement amenities on the market because clean water is at the top of many families’ list of priorities. Some of the things people consider when looking for a home water filtration system are:

  • Cost
  • Effectiveness/Certifications
  • Maintenance Requirements
  • Sustainability

The Antunes Water VZN system succeeds on each of these points: it’s cost-effective, has low maintenance requirements, is certified to multiple NSF standards, and is environmentally friendly.


The Antunes Water VZN Ultrafiltration System separates mechanical and chemical filtration, allowing the system to clean the water passing though it more thoroughly. These two methods of filtration work to reduce different contaminants. Separating the two processes optimizes the effectiveness of the VZN at cleaning your water.

How Mechanical Filtration Works

The VZN’s ultrafilter works mechanically, physically filtering out particles with a seven bore hollow fiber membrane, with billions of filtering holes at a microscopic level of 0.015 microns –5,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair!

  • The ultrafilter removes sand, sediment, clay, and other particulate matter that causes turbidity, as well as potentially harmful microbial cysts like Giardia and Cryptosporidium.
  • The ultrafilter does not change the chemical composition of the water, leaving essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron.

How Chemical Filtration Works

The optional chemical side of the VZN’s filtration is a carbon filter. Carbon or charcoal filters, reduce chemicals in the water by absorbing them at an atomic level.

  • The carbon media has an extremely high surface area – a single gram of the carbon media has over 10,000 square feet of surface area for high-performance filtration.
  • The VZN’s carbon filter removes chlorine and chloramine to improve taste. It also reduces a wide variety of other chemical contaminants, including herbicides, pesticides, volatile organic compounds, and chlorine byproducts.

Benefits for your Home.

Auto Cleaning:The VZN’s ultrafilter uses a unique, automatic self-cleaning technology for a longer life. Activating at preset intervals, the control system will initiate a short, but powerful, burst of water that back flushes through the filter, cleaning out collected sediment and flushing the dirty water down the drain. The short duration and low volume of the flush means hardly any water is wasted.

Many Convenient Configurations:The VZN is compact and wall mounted, meaning that it will take up a small footprint in your home. While compact, the VZN is provides fully filtered water at up to 15 gallons per minute to your entire home.

Environmentally Friendly:The VZN Ultrafiltration System is a more sustainable solution to your water quality issues than other filtration systems. The VZN ultrafilter will eliminate the need for bottled water, reducing the amount of plastic you put in landfills. The ultrafilter has a lifespan of 3 years and the carbon filter has a lifespan of 1 year. Compared to traditional filters, the VZN cartridges are much longer lasting and will significantly reduce waste.

Whole-House VZN Ultrafiltration System Options

The Antunes Water VZN system is customizable, with multiple options for size, configuration, and components. Whatever your water treatment requirements, there is a VZN that is right for you! For more details and a complete list of all VZN models, check out the Antunes Water VZN collection page.