Antunes Water Experts: How Hydration Boosts Overall Health


What’s your favorite beverage?

If you didn’t answer “water,” Susan Witz is hoping to change that.

The Lifestyle Health Coach with Advocate Aurora Health is a huge fan of hydration, not only for some of its immediate benefits but also for the overall boost staying hydrated gives to health.

“Our level of hydration affects everything, and it’s related to our mental focus. Also, when we exercise, it’s crucial we’re well-hydrated,” Witz said. “It’s important to manage blood pressure, to prevent kidney stones – many, many areas of our health are affected by our hydration level.”

To keep hydrated, Witz recommends people fall in love with drinking water but also has practical tips, such as bringing your own container to your workspace or having a glass or two of water upon waking up, even before a morning coffee.

“I encourage people that it’s really important to look into (hydration) and leave yourself little notes like sticky notes, notes on the computer,” she said. “And, for those who don’t like water, you can make your own flavored water, or a really nice, clean-tasting filtered water is good. Some people like to sip through a straw.

“Having water easily available in safe containers at your desk or in your car (makes it) very easy to have water when you need it and not wait until you get somewhere and then forget about it.”

It’s all about finding ways to enjoy water and make sure the liquids being consumed aren’t bringing unhealthy ingredients or even working as a diuretic to further dehydrate the body.

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