The Benefits of VZN Ultrafiltration with Melissa Neckopulos


On this episode of Water Treatment Experts by Antunes, Antunes GM of Water and Master Water Specialist Melissa Neckopulos joined host Tyler Kern to outline the benefits of ultrafiltration and the Antunes VZN Ultrafiltration System.

To begin, though, the duo outlined the benefits of clean water, particularly in homes, where it keeps families safe from environmental contaminants and more.

Ultrafiltration is key to achieving that safety.

“Ultrafiltration is a membrane technology that uses hydrostatic pressure to force water against a semi-permeable membrane and remove solids that are suspended in water,” Neckopulos said. “Suspended solids make up turbidity – you can think of that as the cloudiness of the water.”

These solids come in the form of sand and other inanimate contaminants, as well as microorganisms.

In the quest for effective ultrafiltration, more than two decades of experience at Antunes has resulted in the VZN Ultrafiltration System, which is made up of hollow-membrane fibers with billions of microscopic pores that increase filtration effectiveness.

The VZN system also uses less energy and water compared to reverse osmosis systems without sacrificing performance, as it takes out particles 33 times finer than competitors without stripping key minerals.

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