Water Treatment Experts: The Importance of Third-Party Product Certification for Water Treatment Systems


With over 50 years of combined experience, Dale Squier, Laboratory Specialist at Antunes, and Kelli Fleischmann, Product Certification Director with The Water Quality Association, know more than a little bit about proper water purification.

With that experience comes a deep understanding of the importance of third-party certification for products used in water purification systems.

“Having third-party certifiers allows us to increase our credibility and acceptance with our consumers,” Squier said. “They know someone else has evaluated our product and compared it against others they’ve tested, so there’s a validation there.”

For Antunes, third-party certification is a differentiator from companies opting not to put their products through an independent testing and certification process.

The Water Quality Association is a critical resource for the water industry, providing education, information and laboratory, third-party product certification.

“It is important for anyone purchasing a water treatment device to ensure that the product has been tested and verified by an ANSI accredited certification program,” Fleischmann said. “The accreditation indicates the certification program has been scrutinized by a third-party organization to ensure that it is following all the rules and regulations for operating a trustworthy program.”

“We rely upon third-party certifiers to give honest answers to questions we may have, or to validate our product,” Squier said. “They are a great industry resource because of their knowledge and experience over the years and decades.”

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